Bite Sizes

Dish I: Pasta

Dish II: Mushroom soup and butter bread pieces

As I am writing this, there are only two minutes left until the rice in the rice cooker can be dished out and eaten with the pre-cooked baked beans plus egg dish waiting in my multi-purpose cooker. So that would be Dish III of my College Cooking Endeavours Menu. Please be proud of me. I put in half of the effort to make these stuff edible.

For someone who’s had zilch interest in cooking prior to coming to college (I detest being in the kitchen for any reason other than eating I’m sorry this is real this is me) so I would say this is a pretty magnificent feat for someone like me. And I have to admit, there is a huge satisfaction in preparing something that I would later enjoy eating, and double the bonus when I share it with my housemates as well. Unfortunately, the Sunway Monash Residence faculty bans cooking (with a stove) so our choices are pretty limited. Even my multi-purpose cooker (that I like to call magic cooker because it can work magic I kid you not) was smuggled in on our first day here. And unfortunately for us (who are too lazy to actually make an effort to go outside and eat everyday) this means that we have to find for options other than eating instant noodles in the apartment everyday…but we fared pretty fairly, I would say. If all fails, there’s always the choice to eat an apple.

College Life Chose Me, I Retaliated.

College life also chose me to study A-Levels and I realise that’s what I hardly talk about on here: my studies. What’s there to say, honestly? Physics, Chemistry and Math are 50 million degrees harder than the SPM syllabus and despite the fact that I enjoyed Econs immensely during the first few weeks, now it’s upgraded to being one of the sources of my headaches. But that’s A-Levels for you, I guess. Imagine how startled I was when Sunway students of A-Levels course and other courses exclaimed how stressful AL would be. An A-Level student posted on the Sunway confessions facebook page that he/she wished to join a society and asked for opinions and a Sunway student from CIMP commented, “You’re taking A-Levels, you sure you got time or not?”

Whoaaaaa there. I won’t even have time to join societies? One of the things I anticipated the most before stepping into college was joining clubs and cool activities because that’s what college is all about right? And now I wouldn’t have time to do so? Like????? What have I signed myself up for

And now I am counting down the days until I go home for Raya. I’m overjoyed to go home, but then I remember that I have to come back here eventually and that makes me quite sad.

I didn’t retaliate on that one.

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