i’d trade all my tomorrows/for just one yesterday

Not sure if people are liking this lowercase lyric title approach but if you don’t then too bad, I guess.

You know those moments in life when you’re holed up at home for weeks and then suddenly you meet a whole bunch of different people in a single day? Yesterday was one of those days.

Holidays were supposed to mean getting the chance to sleep in so naturally, I hated waking up early in the morning and by “early in the morning” here I mean “before 12 noon”. But wake up I did anyway because I’d promised Beneh that I was to visit her for Eid and after dressing up in last year’s very same baju kurung, Dad dropped me off at her place because I was too lazy to drive.

And then Beneh drove me and Eah to Laiyy’s place and we met even more people.

Elis, Eah, Beneh, Laiyy, yours truly and Mas

After that, Dad picked me up and I changed at home before heading out again, this time driving to Pann’s Kitchen for a meetup with the Chinese gang this time to celebrate Chew Jie’s (surprise) birthday party.

(Front) Yu Han, Pei Fong, Chew Jie
(Back)Jia Yee, Ee Ching, Yuen Ming and yours truly

And then after that I drove to Fresh to meet up with Caleb, Sasha and Meara before Sasha went back to KL.

We didn't take any photos.
We didn’t take any photos.

After that, I went to help my mum out at her shop at Tesco. Fin.

I also made a video just an hour ago talking about college; do give it a watch even if I don’t know what I’m talking about:


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