young hearts beat fast

Today was one of the best days of college yet, and I think I deserve it after the rough week I had last week.

Classes were as usual this morning, and even something funny happened during econs today. In lieu of the recent econs test we had, Miss Cherilyn made all of us write down all four points of “The Paragraph Pledge” on a blank piece of paper (it basically contains sentences like “From now on, I promise to use proper paragraphing in my essay; I will not explain or discuss all discussion points in one paragraph etc), recite it one by one as a class, and then got all of us to stand up and read out the pledge with our right hands raised and all while she recorded our oath-reading on her iPad as solid evidence. It was so amusing and everyone just couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.

After classes ended, it was time for the Halloween flashmob dance we’ve been preparing for about two weeks already. It was quite scary and nerve-wrecking because it was carried out at the foyer where everyone was. All of us had masks on (including masquerade masks, Guy Fawkes’ masks, Grim Reaper masks), dressed in black and dancing along to Ramalama Bang Bang in front of I would say 30% of the Sunway student population. After it was over, we caught the adrenaline of finishing a performance and returning to the classroom where we kept all our belongings, we continued the dancing spree, this time to songs like Single Ladies, Macarena, the Ketchup Song etc and we basically made up new moves of our own to cover up moves we didn’t know until we got to the chorus part. We even had a light-strobe-in-the-dark mini rave party to Avicii and I think I’ve found my first infinite moment in college thus far.

Yours truly and Taliza
Qiu Jing, Zi Tian and yours truly

After that, most of us headed to Ken Fui’s house to help out with the Halloween Haunted House preparations. We basically stayed there for four hours and I even had the chance to duet with Bellyn to Breaking Free while we struggled with our Chemistry homework.

But these aren’t the only good parts of today: my classes commence at 11am tomorrow (PROBABLY THE ONLY TIME I WILL EVER GET TO SLEEP IN ON A SCHOOL DAY) and I’M GOING TO ONEREPUBLIC’S CONCERT AT SURF BEACH TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(More photos will be uploaded soon)

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