Of Hats, Udon, Scrabble & Party-Crashing

By Bellyn

I have not written in here for so long. Many apologies. The only incentive for me to open my laptop to write this blogpost is the reminder that today is the last day of February and I once made a promise to myself that I would at least publish a post a month. So here I am. And thankfully, for this last post of the month, I get to write about legitimate, solid happenings instead of trying to rack my brain for something interesting to write because today has been very eventful indeed, as you can probably guess from the title.

Friday lessons were always pretty fun because it was the end of the week and everyone had that glint of anticipation in their eyes, even in class. We didn’t have Econs class today as Miss Cherilyn had a training course so we even had an extra hour of break spent researching on music videos to get inspiration to make our own music video. It was also the Udon gang’s self-proclaimed Hat Day so I turned up to school in a white beanie, Bellyn in a snapback, Taliza in a black beanie, Irfan in a red beanie, Harris in his dad’s civil war cap (which is so cool oh my god), Karu in an adorable spirithood and Austin in a snapback as well.

And then, after class was when we put on all our adventure hats to set out on our adventures.

“Sanuki Udon” was where we got our group name from and it was how it was formed: Karu telling us that there was this udon restaurant near his house at Kota Kemuning that had really good udon and finally, after weeks, we did the thing. We did the udon thing. And we weren’t disappointed in the least bit.

After lunch, we walked around the area like a motley hipster crew taking photos.

We dropped Karu off at his house (it wasn’t mentioned- Harris was our esteemed chauffeur for the day) and then Irfan and Taliza at college before the remainder of us- me, Bellyn and Harris headed for a coffee joint at 1st Subang Mall at SS15 where we spent about three hours chilling, talking and playing Scrabble. I hadn’t played Scrabble since I was about 8 or 9 and it was a pleasant surprise to find out that I still had my inner Scrabble nerd alive and breathing within myself.

The next stop was Sunway Pyramid where we picked up Ian’s Vans and Harris’ necessities from Watsons, and then proceeded to scheme about crashing a certain college event which we thought was held at Sunway Convention Centre- but when we got there, imagine our utter surprise when we were greeted by an overwhelming crowd of men in football jerseys. Curious, we entered anyway but when the doors opened, I started feeling scared because fun time is up- we’d better leave. But Bellyn urged us to go in anyway and we relented under peer pressure- to find ourselves in Toyota’s Thank You Dinner event. We sat down at a table for a while before my fear really kicked in and I started to get pretty fidgety because getting kicked out of a dinner event was not something I was looking forward to so we left after taking a few photos and after we exited the place, we couldn’t stop laughing at what we just did. I couldn’t believe what I did. If it even happened at all. It was one of those rare moments where I was completely enveloped in the present because everything was actually happening and that left little room to think of anything else.

Harris sent both of us back to SMR after that with Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second by STRFKR playing on the car radio and all in all, it was the best day I’ve had in weeks.

I sometimes forget that the best things that happen in life are often unplanned, but rather stumbled upon head-on, spontaneous and without warning.

As far as Februarys go, this was the roughest but I’m glad I ended the month with a high note.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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