Moving In-niversary

Sem 1 days – you can even see Bellyn in the back

Yesterday, the 3rd of July, marks our one-year anniversary of moving into SMR and studying at Sunway College. It’s really quite unbelievable that it’s already been a year, when it feels as if I’d only been here for a shorter time period than that. I can still remember pretty vividly my first day of moving into SMR with six other housemates and crying my eyes out when my parents left and I was faced with the horrible reality of living alone, orientation days in college, first day of classes with my classmates whom I still didn’t know back then etc. On one hand, sem 1 does feel really, really far away, but also near enough that you can still recall details of these events as if it’d happened just last week. Does that make sense? It really doesn’t, but that’s honestly how I feel about this one-year anniversary thing.

The end of a year means that I only have six months left in this place and the thought of it is honestly really depressing, but as an exercise that I’ve been coercing myself into doing lately, which is to focus more on the positives rather than the negatives, right now I’m just trying to make the absolute best out of the remaining six months I have left with all the amazing people I’ve met here whom I am so honoured to call my friends.

There’s only so much of my emotions I can put into writing, and right now these words don’t do my feelings justice. These feelings are a combination of sorrow, melancholy, nostalgia, eagerness (to do everything I want to do before leaving) and above all, gratitude. I can’t seem to stress that enough.

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