Interlude 11

I can’t post much on here lately other than interlude posts which should give you an idea of how eventful things have been, which is not at all. Regardless, September is almost upon us in two months’ time and things are starting to pick up speed now.

The Naked and Famous’ Young Blood started playing in my head out of nowhere just now and I started crying, thanks to sudden influx of memories associated with that song. I remember Young Blood on two occasions, and both were in Bellyn’s car when Bellyn, Taliza, Karu, Harris and Zitian were there too. First occasion we were on the way to an obscure mall in Subang in search of mango pudding while the second a short lunch trip out of Sunway before our 10AM class. And then others followed in pursuit; Taylor Swift’s 1989 album was last few weeks of A2 and revising and also when we went to Setia City mall on the last day of A2 and then to Paradigm for dessert when most shops were starting to close; STRFKR of course, during photoshoots, car rides, on the escalator in malls, at the atrium, in classes, back in SMR room; Sufjan Stevens -Chicago, specifically- when we went to Karu’s house after an A2 paper and hung out in his room; The Smiths was dinner trips with Bellyn out of Sunway, crossing off food places we wanted to try night after night; the remix of that song by Calvin Harris that I do not remember also I think it’s Calvin Harris during Triple A when Bellyn and Ian led the dancing crowd onto the stage; MGMT was reaching back to sem 1 -random moments in class and also the northern road trip; TV on the Radio before setting out to Jogoya after mocks ended; Now, Now reminds me of that time my roommates and I stayed up in CPY’s room till 4AM after coming back from buying half a watermelon from Publika; Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl by Broken Social Scene when we did the band shoot at Empire and also a Rakuzen lunch trip at SS15 after coming back from SJMC; Bombay Bicycle Club when we went out for dim sum breakfast once, I think; Lisztomania by Phoenix for second Ipoh trip, of course, Taliza asking “Dude is that Lisztomania” on the train and Foster the People during our last pillow fight in the hotel room etc etc the list is endless and I’m really glad for this playlist of songs that accompanied us in all of our adventures.

I think what started all of this is the realisation that today, two years ago, I just moved into SMR, timid and confused, not knowing all the brilliant things that were going to happen to me for the next year and a half. And looking back at it, the nostalgia is overwhelming and I’m glad I’ve lived through all that I’ve lived through.

I generally refrain from posting about emotions about college -I call it collegeposting like shitposting but better and not shit. I hope- because it’s already been seven months and that’s a long enough time to get over it. Really, there’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said that everything I can possibly say is a mere regurgitation of something I’ve written about at one point or another but today, I allowed myself to delve back into the deep depths archived away somewhere in my brain and here we are now, a crying mess haha 👍

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