One Afternoon, Matcha Mille Crêpe

One afternoon, my mum, ever the baking enthusiast, suggested we make crêpes and I went along despite not really sharing my mum’s fervour for baking because I love crêpes and this is one of those Things I Should Learn to Bring to UK Later.

This is the recipe we followed:

Crêpe batter ingredients
250g flour
3 eggs
1 pinch salt
50g caster sugar
500ml milk
50g melted butter
1 tbsp matcha powder

Add flour, eggs, melted butter, matcha powder, salt and sugar into a mixing bowl. Pour in the milk gradually while whisking the mixture. We prepared the batter the night before and left it in the fridge overnight.

Link to video
Link to video

dsc_0703 dsc_0705 dsc_0709 dsc_0712 dsc_0713 dsc_0715

Cream ingredients
500ml whipping cream
90g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

(The next day) Combine the whipping cream, vanilla essence and icing sugar and then beat/whisk until thick and stiff. Place in refrigerator while cooking crêpes.

dsc_0717 dsc_0720

Cooking crêpes

Brush pan with oil and place over low heat. When hot, pour a ladleful of batter into the pan and swirl, coating the base with a thin layer. Cook for 10-30 seconds and then flip it over. Set aside, stacking up the crêpes.

dsc_0718 dsc_0722 dsc_0725

Assembling the crêpes

Use a cake mould to cute out the uneven edges to obtain perfectly round crêpe layers. Use a spatula/pastry scraper to spread the cream onto the first layer of crêpe. Top with another crêpe and repeat it until the cream/crêpes run out and/or it reaches optimum height (apparently it’s 6-8cm but life has no rules about cake heights). Decorate the top of the cake however you want – in our case we dusted with matcha powder and sprayed whipped cream.

dsc_0733 dsc_0737 dsc_0736 dsc_0747 dsc_0749 dsc_0753 dsc_0757 dsc_0758 dsc_0763 dsc_0766 dsc_0767

It wasn’t as good or nice-looking as the ones I ate at Nadeje but it turned out exceeding expectations.

Things to improve: maybe more milk/less flour so the consistency of the batter isn’t so thick, make thinner crêpes, spread thinner layers of cream and add more layers of crêpes.

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