MSTC 2017: Advancing 4th-ward

At the end of the second day of the event, Shun, in front of everyone else, asked, “Are you gonna write about MSTC on your blog?”

There was no doubt about that. And so here I am.

One very glaring observation one usually makes when they find out that I’m a law student on the organising committee of a technology conference is, “But why? This is completely unrelated to your course.” Sure, my initial motivation to sign up to be a part of MSTC despite being a non-STEM student was largely attributed to my fear of boredom and stagnancy, having been freshly relieved of my scriptwriter position from MNight, but since way back in high school, I disliked the notion of simply sticking rigidly to what you’re supposed to know and do and be satisfied with that, just like how I hated making SPM the centre of my universe for a year in spite of what my teachers indoctrinated within me.

I’m going to be honest and just say it outright: I didn’t expect to enjoy MSTC as much as I did. After all, this was my first marketing stint, and as a mere ambassador, the involvement that I felt was required of me wasn’t very substantial. But a lot of unexpected things happened, and I emerged from both event days feeling like I’d put in as much as effort as I could to contribute towards the marketing department without any regrets, something valuable that I’d learned from MNight. I felt that highly treasured feeling of gratification again, the moment we wrapped up and could finally conclude that, yes, MSTC 2017 was a success. It’s such an addictive feeling, gratification, and I don’t think I will ever tire of it in my constant pursuit of contentment in putting my effort into making something work, a rhetoric to counter my perpetual self-doubt of ever being or doing anything worthwhile.

And of course, making new friends is always a good outcome to achieve out of anything. Even more so when you’re lucky enough to work with someone so compatible from day one (looking at you, HW).

TL;DR, MSTC was a good learning curve for me and was the only thing sustaining and fuelling me throughout this stressful week. A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who had worked hard and believed in MSTC enough to make it the success that it was.

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Michelle Teoh

26-year-old cynical Asian, book enthusiast and purveyor of fine sarcasm.

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