Destinations – December ’16 – June ’17

I’m going to Hokkaido in two days, and that’s my only motivation to finally post these long overdue photos of the trips I’ve been on during my second year of uni.


When we went to The Louvre, I was momentarily mesmerised by The Money Changer and His Wife portrait by Quentin Matsys and forgot I wasn’t supposed to touch it. So of course I touched it and set off all the alarms in The Louvre before a security personnel hurried over to deliver his reprimand.




On the last night at Luzern before we were to fly off from Geneva airport, we stumbled upon a small Korean restaurant (and by small I mean really small, as in “it only had two tables in the entire restaurant” small), a rare Asian eatery find during our whole week in Switzerland.

Getting to eat Asian food was already a treat in itself, but that wasn’t even the main highlight of the night, it was this: the owner of the restaurant, an old Korean man, “predicted” our personalities and mindsets just by touching our arms. All eight of us had mostly accurate readings that night, leaving us in various states of confusion and awe.



The morning we were supposed to take a Flixbus from Fussen to Stuttgart, it had snowed really heavily the night before. As a result, we had to lug our luggage through ankle-deep piles of snow for 40 minutes to a bus stop that we couldn’t even find at first (because it turned out to be just an A4 sheet of paper labelled “Flixbus bus stop” taped to a pole).




I packed for warm weather during this spring break trip but on our first day in Bratislava, Slovakia, we woke up to raging snow. Snow. In April. It had never even snowed that heavily in Manchester before. Our Uber driver to the UFO restaurant apologised to us on behalf of this anomalous Slovak weather but I actually quite enjoyed the unexpected surprise.



En route from Split to Dubrovnik, we had to pass by the borders of Bosnia. So we stopped, parked our rental car by the beach, ate spaghetti at an Italian restaurant, and went for spontaneous cliff diving (only two out of five did, though).



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