Lovin’ The Happenin’

Well, as everyone knows, I went to KL. And because I’m too lazy to further elaborate on what had happened there, I’ll just show you some screencaps of my statuses in Facebook and Tumblr.

Original brand new eyes


Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, The Devil Wears Prada, Dead And Gone

Some goodies I got, btw.

I ❤ you, KL.

Green // Purple-ish

For those who don’t know yet, I went to Penang today for my fourth orthodontic appointment. Listened to Paramore on my mp4 the whole way there until I dozed off. (JSYK, I woke up at seven today. Seven. On a Friday. Sheesh.) How ironic for The Only Exception to start playing just when I reached there.

So I asked for suggestions on Tumblr last night and I decided to go with Chrissy’s suggestion: green and blue. It kinda reminds me of Barney. And that female dinosaur whose name I can’t and won’t remember.

And after that we went to Queensbay Mall and I semi-died from euphoria at Borders.

I got;

  • The Last Song -Nicholas Sparks
  • Dear John -Nicholas Sparks
  • Nineteen Minutes -Jodi Picoult


‘Twas a great day today, even though my braces itch. At least it wasn’t as worse as the time I first had it on. That was hell. This was…the Inbetween. LMAO.


…and back to you, Ryan.