Dear Nee

Dear Nee,

Remember the times we used to be so good? Remember the times we would always gather together just to gossip about the latest news in our schools? Remember the times you always turned up for my family’s functions and celebrated them with me? Remember the times when you consoled me when I was having a difficult time adapting to my secondary school surroundings? Remember the times you always gave me endless advice on the complications of secondary school life and encouraged me to face them boldly and never give up?

I do. In fact, I’ve missed those times.

Where are you now?

I do know what happened. And ever since then, you have completely disappeared, extracting yourself from my life. I wasn’t suspiscous of anything at first, but when I realised the reason you didn’t reply my messages weren’t merely because of your PMR exam, I was shocked, astounded. I didn’t know you would avoid me like that. I didn’t know you would leave me. I didn’t know you would hurt me.

I met you yesterday, and I must admit, I was a little shy to speak to you. But of course, you knew about my shyness. You would always eliminate the barriers between us and banish my shyness, helping me out of my shell. But yesterday you were different. You were quiet, to me. I tried to strike up a conversation with you, but you turned away from it. I tried to catch your attention, but you never seemed to realise I was there.

I really miss you. I miss your smile, your laughter, your banters, your jokes. I missed how you never made me feel alone. I missed how you accompanied me when I was going throught my worst. And most importantly, I miss you…

Dear Nee,

If you ever see this letter, please forgive me for my wrongdoings. I don’t want to lose such a good friend like you.

I’ll always be by your side, so you’ll never miss me.



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