PMR- First Day

Last night, I closed my eyes at 1.30am, but only slept at 3am because of those darned noises on the roof and my paranoia set me on edge. I thought it was a burglar waiting to crash into my windows any second, I was gripping my phone and contemplating running to my parents’ bedroom if this happens, so I just stared wide eyed at the window, scared as hell, until finally the noises stopped and I got too tired and fell asleep. But in the end it must’ve been some stupid cat or bird and I woke up at 6.45am feeling like my eyelids had dumbbells tied to it.

On the way to school, JJ and Ean were receiving phone calls from people, getting them to translate English sentences into Malay, in conjunction of us 15-year-olds sitting for PMR. (Wooo)

When I reached school, my stomach was flipping worse than ever, and I tried to steal a few minutes of cramming then walked into the hall. The first paper, Malay paper 1, was hard as hell. I felt so frustrated and unmotivated, I didn’t know half the questions in that paper, but I could only ignore it and focus on the next paper. The next paper, Malay paper 2 was far easier than I expected. Normally I would always be the last in the hall/room to finish it but this time I finished the paper with 40 minutes remaining.

Anyway tomorrow is English and Geography, so it’s much more relaxed, only English Lit to worry about. And I had a two hour nap just now so I should be fine for the rest of the day.

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