PMR- Second Day

Second day of PMR. (Woooo) Today was slightly more relaxed because it was only English and Geography.

JJ and Ean asked people Geography questions today. It seemed much more funnier now that I wasn’t flipping with wretched nerves on the ride to school.

English paper 1 was okay. When I got paper 2 and looked at the title of Section A, I got shocked. It was like primary school all over again, even Soya agrees with me. Five pictures in sequence, and the story was, get this, about a boy called Rahim who found a bag full of cash by the road, and SO, being the honest boy everyone writes him out to be, he takes the bag to the police station and the rest is predictable. The policeman praises him, goes to his school, his principal praised him again… WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BORING?

Literature question asks for a good quality in a character and I chose loyalty in Mr Utterson. This has been the third time all of us have written about loyalty during exams.

I finished Geography paper in 15 minutes I was surprised myself, and it wasn’t only me, Pei Fong finished right after I did. It was a piece of cake.

Science and History tomorrow. Somehow I don’t really want to care anymore.

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