Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 2010

Note: I am sorry if the pictures are of terrible quality because I only had my phone with me at the time.

19th October 2010 has been one of my most anticipated dates this year, ever since Daphne told me Paramore is officially coming to Malaysia to perform for the first time. I bought the tickets off Ticketpro for RM242 and got Joshua to go with me.

Joshua and I reached the Bukit Jalil Stadium at 3pm, and waited at the very front of the gates until 6.30pm when the guards finally let us in. I know the tickets said “Doors open @ 7.00pm” but people were starting to chant “LET US IN!” and someone slipped in or something and even the guards couldn’t control everyone by then so everyone just started rushing in.

The crowd at 4/5pm.
The crowd at 5/6pm.
The Gates of Run-Like-Hell-To-Get-The-Best-Seats

So after getting through the gates, it was a race of getting your ticket scanned, torn, having ladies giving out flyers, and reaching the entrance to the seats where you had to get your ticket and hand stamped. We were pretty much the first to reach the seats as we were first in the line at the gates after all. And then it’s another hour or so of waiting.

Those lucky Rock Zone people getting in early + getting their autographs and all. 😦
Courtesy of Huixian.

Then finally the lights went off and everyone gasped and got to their feet but it was the opening act, a local band called Y2K which, to be fairly honest, sucked. The female lead singer was actually trying to imitate Hayley by jumping around but I’m sorry no one beats Hayley Williams that easily. No one.

Y2K playing and no one is paying attention. Wonder why.

They performed about 5 songs and said, “I’m so sorry because I know you guys want to watch Paramore and we’re in the way” and I was like, “Yeah you are”, so they played their final song (which was not good actually) and they left the stage and we had to wait for another half hour, I think.

But the wait was worthwhile, because their entrance was spectacular. I started screaming like there was no tomorrow and it was definitely amazing no words could ever describe my adrenaline high.

Courtesy of Huixian

Then the curtain dropped, and they started blasting Ignorance.

Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian (Acoustic- Hayley + Josh)
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian (Acoustic- Hayley + Josh + Taylor)
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian (Skirt=<3)
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian (Someone threw her a plushie)
Courtesy of Huixian (Someone threw her a shirt too)

I think I screamed and cried and sang at the same time. It wasn’t just the song, I’ve heard it millions of times, although it was an upbeat number, it was the atmosphere, the crowd, the simple fact of looking –looking with my own naked eyes!– at Paramore, at Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York with their guitars, drum and Hayley’s trademark red mic that set me off. Paramore! Right in front of my eyes! After years and years of just looking at photographs and salivating/drooling over them and how amazing they are. There was no need to think at all when I started singing. Everything came on its own, the tears, the lyrics, the screams. It was amazing. An entirely out-of-world experience.

The setlist for the show is as goes:

  • Ignorance
  • Feeling Sorry
  • That’s What You Get
  • For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic
  • Emergency
  • Playing God
  • Careful
  • Decode
  • Let This Go (Acoustic)
  • When It Rains (Acoustic)
  • Where The Lines Overlap (Acoustic)
  • Misguided Ghosts (Acoustic)
  • Crushcrushcrush
  • Pressure
  • Looking Up
  • The Only Exception


  • Brick By Boring Brick
  • Misery Business

When Hayley and Josh headed for a corner of the stage to sing Let This Go, I actually thought they would sing My Heart, you have no idea how much I want to hear Josh screaming. And at some point when Hayley was singing Misguided Ghosts, the mic broke. The mic broke. Malaysia, you and your shitty sound system! Hayley actually curtsied and ran to the back of the stage, leaving Josh and Taylor just sitting there and I was horrified if she was mad at the sound system or something and we started chanting “Paramore! Paramore!” and I was actually at the verge of tears. Elya said the mic even broke when Josh was singing When It Rains/Where The Lines Overlap. Are you actually kidding me? But eventually Hayley came back out front and started singing Crushcrushcrush and I was so glad and relieved I just couldn’t stop screaming.

At some point during Pressure, Hayley started introducing everyone in the band and oh my God I couldn’t stop screaming when Hayley called John the vocalist slash keyboardist slash man on the computer, Jeremy the bass player, Zac the youngest drummer, Taylor the Justin Timberlake of Paramore, Josh the lead guitarist, and finally Josh took the mic and said, “There’s only one member left of Paramore to introduce…the lead vocalist of Paramore, Hayley Williams!” And I thought I couldn’t scream anymore but apparently I could so I screamed some more. And when Jeremy flipped over Josh with his guitar, I swear I just screamed till I died. What do you do at a concert if you’re not screaming? Because everytime they started playing a new song I was basically screaming out the song, dancing, jumping, waving my hands, clapping, and headbanging. Forgetting everything else except the music, myself and the band on stage in that hour and a half was the best moment ever. Indulging. Forgetting the woes and troubles and just enjoying yourself to your very last cell. Pumped. Wanting for more. The feeling is just indescribable. For people, it might just seem like “another concert to go to on a fairly boring day” but to me, it actually means a lot. The world. It’s Paramore. They band I’ve been listening to for two years over and over again. It was the feeling of being in their presence. To jump and dance wildly along with them, forgetting every single thing, how silly you might actually look like or how terrible your singing might be, going into that zone where there is just you, the music and the band. It’s like the spotlight on your mundane life, a significant memory you would remember and cherish forever, the memory of being to your first concert to watch your favourite band, because it was the only night you truly felt happy and free, to just forget the world and live in your own for a while. It was amazing. I just can’t describe the immensity of ecstasy and euphoria through words.

When Hayley said the show was about to end, I wanted more. I didn’t want this moment to end, but end it did, with a very energetic Misery Business that made the crowd go crazy. Oh, and there was this guy who got called by Hayley to sing Misery Business together with her and if looks were daggers he would have been dead. And Hayley threw Zac’s drumsticks and Josh’s/Jeremy’s guitar pick and being the one who was about a metre away from the stage I wanted to tear my hair out in frustration. And then there was confetti. And then the lights went on, Paramore left the stage and the show ended.

Before you facepalm at my photos, here are the ones I stole from Elya’s Tumblr:

When Josh introduced Hayley. <3"
Hayley and Paramore's box set.

These were shots taken by Huixian’s friend, Keana, who was in the mosh pit and therefore got clear headshots and stuff.

Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Courtesy of Keana
Confetti everywhere
Courtesy of Huixian
Courtesy of Huixian (Hayley jumped onto Josh to piggyback her aww adorbz)

DIY tattoo that I am never washing off.
The state I was in after the show. Sweaty, panting and exhausted, but ecstatic all the same.
Courtesy of Huixian

After the show, I met up with Sasha and we both agreed the concert was so sick. No chance to meet up with Elya but there’ll always be a next time. Haziqah even said she saw me which was unexpected but put a smile on my face all the same.

Despite lining up for hours, the show was totally worth it. I probably should mention I came home with a hungover, feeling sick and dizzy, but it was worth it. No photos, autographs or merch but they’ll be back, I’m absolutely sure, and if they’re not, I’m flying over to meet them pronto. Despite the sore neck, back, arms, legs and throat, it was worth it.


“Once you’re in the Paramore family, we’re never letting you out. You’re in for life!”

-Hayley Williams

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5 thoughts on “Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur 2010”

  1. God, I have this feeling of envy burning in my chest and that was just reading the post title. Only seeing paramore in pictures and listening to their songs on my mp4 is nothing compared to going to the concert.

    Maybe if we’re all lucky they’ll do another next year, because they we’re all hardcore fans. I’ll be there for sure.

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