Next Time You Point Your Finger

Today is a terrible day.

First, I still cannot get over how I finished Last Sacrifice just the night before, which also means I’ve finished the Vampire Academy series, which means the “wtf what do I do now” feeling is still haunting me. I mean how could Richelle leave Adrian hanging there like “I’ll don’t think I’ll ever see him again” and what happened to Sydney but the ending, the possibility of Rose and Dimitri getting together was pretty overwhelming. Granted, Last Sacrifice wasn’t as compelling as Spirit Bound to me, but the ending of LS pretty much tore me down like Mockingjay did, so I’m just going to have to wait this feeling out.

Secondly, as if the news of Josh & Zac leaving Paramore on Sunday hasn’t been bad enough, there’s this “blog post” by “Josh Farro” saying why he left the band. Inverted commas because I still don’t believe the post is legit even though some people say it’s posted on Josh’s Facebook. These are my thoughts on this mess and I am linking you to it because I’m too lazy to explain everything here again. Sure enough, just a few minutes ago Rock Sound released this post saying it was fake. Let’s hope it stays this way. There’s enough mess and chaos among the fans and media as it is and I wish
everyone would just shut up.

Thirdly, woop de doo I’m getting my results tomorrow. So either tomorrow is going to end with tears of joy or utter disappointment and despair. I really do not want to think about it at the moment. But good luck to everyone else!

It’s hard being interesting, so here you go, a dull post for this dull blog.

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