Urbanscapes As A First-timer

When Taliza called me one evening and asked me if I wanted to go to Urbanscapes for free, I did not for one moment hesitate to say yes. Well, okay, in reality I actually did because it was quite near to exam week but for maximum effect!!! I was given the chance to go to Urbanscapes for free!!! I don’t think these chances are easy to come by!!!

Later on I found out Taliza had roped Bellyn in as well, together with a high school friend of hers, Tash, and I thought things couldn’t get any better.

I thought wrong.

photo 1

Taliza, Bellyn and I had Chemistry replacement class that Saturday morning, and the entire time we were just looking back and forth with the mutual enthusiastic glint in our eyes, counting down the hours until we would be free and running about at the biggest music festival (which we later also found out happened to be the biggest hipster joint in the country) in Malaysia. At 3PM, our journey to Urbanscapes commenced, one filled with exclaims of disbelief like “This is actually happening, we are going to Urbanscapes!”

When we reached MAEPS, the venue of the festival, we were actually dropped off at the back exit instead of the main entrance, and being lost, we started asking around for directions to the main entrance. After several unsuccessful attempts, we met this professional-looking guy wearing an Urbanscapes tag and all and when we approached him to ask him for directions, perhaps he could see through our

distress because he immediately offered to drop us off at the main entrance after exclaiming that it was a terribly long walk there. Extremely Lucky Chance #1.

To sum up Urbanscapes in three phrases: hipsters, hot weather and extremely overpriced food.

Photo credits to Bellyn, Taliza and also my iPhone.

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Yours truly and Taliza
Taliza Kimberly (someone we met at Urbanscapes), yours truly and Bellyn

Last Dinosaurs

The acts on the first day included Last Dinosaurs and Tegan & Sara, and overall it was a pretty good first day.

photo 2We went to MAEPS a little later on the second day, at around 6PM. The weather was comparatively better and a whole lot more awesome on the second day.

The day before, we received the devastating news of Two Door Cinema Club cancelling at the last minute and we were so pissed and sad (we ARE still pissed and sad) about it but I guess the show must go on.

Second day was a day of finally exploring Deer Society in the huge wooden building with stairs that was always full with people after not having done so on the first day. Since it was an over 18 area, only Bellyn and I went up and it turned out to be a bar and also a really trippy room where you have to play mini games to win tickets to get free froyos. After froyo, we slid down a really steep inflated slide into a pool of balls, something I did rather nervously and got minor cuts on my left elbow for it.

After that, we headed for the last act of the event: Franz Ferdinand. We started off rather calm and placid since I didn’t know most of their songs, but somewhere in the middle, for some reason, we just went all out and all wild, doing all sorts of wild dance moves despite not knowing the songs. Examples of aforementioned embarrassing dance moves: changing the lightbulbs, washing the clothes, stopping the traffic light, and Bellyn’s trademark, shooting arrows.

11215105655_e6c108ef6b_o 11215109745_a95bd586aa_o

Yours truly
Yours truly

11215111845_4789c89074_o tumblr_mxc4clSjd91rt3unio1_1280

Deer society
Deer society


The inflated slide
The inflated slide


Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand

11215124835_f54ea95da5_o 11215099766_ecd9eb0b95_o
The two-day weekend spent at Urbanscapes was so surreal that returning to the real world became such a bore after the festival. I would definitely say that Urbanscapes is the highlight of the year.

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