I dyed my hair purple

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As the title suggests, I dyed my hair purple the second day I came back to Alor Setar. If you feel disappointed about the colour (or lack thereof), don’t worry, I felt the same way, but here’s to hoping the colour will become more obvious after a few more washes.

At approximately 2.45 this afternoon, I hit the ultimate pinnacle of boredom as I scrolled through social media sites. The weather looked good, not too hot, there were a few grey clouds rolling through, that’s okay. I leaped up and dug out mum’s DSLR and tripod in the cupboard under the stairs and scouted the backyard despite my mum having a guest over. The first tripod had a faulty leg, but thankfully my dad found another newer tripod in the very same cupboard (although it was also quite faulty in some screwed places). The first few shots were devastating. Wrong lens. Changed them. Better. Not amazing, but better. It started raining really heavily halfway through, so heavily that I couldn’t even hear the music I was playing on my phone, so I made do with some decent shots that met my low enough expectations.

I am no Bellyn in terms of photography skills but hello Belle, if you’re reading this, you inspired this.

The second week back here is scheduled for studying, so in the meantime, I’ve decided to start seriously writing again. And by seriously writing I mean contributing to KL Noir. It’s not a guaranteed publish but what the hell. I guess something Taliza once asked really struck me, which was “Do you ever feel the need to constantly prove yourself to your friends and everyone else?” and my answer is yes. I don’t want to be just a sad and emotional baggage hanging onto everyone else. And also I just really, really want to create without the presence of pressure or expectations, not to mention the consistently looming obligation to study, study, study

I don’t know I also made a Flickr

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